How to make money investing in crypto in 2022

Balogun Malik Oluwaferanmi
3 min readJan 7, 2022


Crypto Analyst predicted that In 2022 there will be mass adoption of cryptocurrency and web3.0, with that said we need to explore opportunities to make money from crypto this year and aspects to look into for investment.

· Play To Earn

· Meme Coin

· Staking

· Non Fungible token

· Crypto community Mods

Play To Earn: is popularly called P2E that is play to earn game built on blockchain technology, it has proven to be a way to make money without waiting for market pump or dump. It has proven to be one of the way to earn passively from crypto. Recently there is surge in investment in crypto games according to cointelegraph news. If you are looking to venture into this field, here is a list of popular gaming platform:

· Axie infinity

· Splinterlands

· Aavegotchi

· Sorare

· Gods Unchained

· The Sandbox

· MegaCryptoPolis

· Blanksos Block Party

· REVV Racing


· Decentraland (MANA)

· Enjin Coin(ENJ)

And if you are looking to to invest in new/low market cap gaming platforms, here is a list to look into

· Illuvium



· Age Of Tank

· Yield Guide Game(YGG)

· Good Games Guild (GGG)

The above listed are few among many, coinmarketcap and Coingecko is home for plenty P2E games and you can research them there. You can also check for more list of P2E games.

Meme Coin/Token: Meme coin/tokens are cryptocurrencies without use case it live solely on hype and getting in early before the hype can print plenty of dollars for investors, sometimes meme coin/token transcend and become better and have actual use case but not all of them.

In the past meme coin/token like:

· Dogecoin

· Freecoin

· Shiba inu

· Baby doge

· Samoyed

Have produced million dollars in market caps or even billion of dollars and the there will still be other that will do just like them or even more than that especially when crypto influencers give the calls or tech giants like Elon musk or Jeff bezos give positive comments about them.

Staking: Staking of coins/tokens is one of the oldest and easiest way to make money in crypto, for those that don’t know how to reach charts or forecast a trade, staking is a good go to area for people like that. Staking cryptocurrencies is a process that involves submitting your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions. Staking can also be one of the best way to use crypto to generate passive income most especially because some cryptocurrencies offer high return interest for your staked coins. Here are list but not all list of cryptocurrencies that has great benefit for those who would love to stake :






· Polkadot(DOT)

Non Fungible Token: Buying NFT at lower prices and selling higher also has made few people that know the NFT industry millionaire, and according to cointelegraph some crypto preachers say NFT will get exposure in 2022, it will be accessed by a lot of people soon in the quarters of 2022. Big companies like Facebook, Samsung, Pinterest, Nike are also exploring this space also famous artist like Eminem also bought NFT, and even basket ball players are showing interest too. Getting your hands on good NFT arts can turn you to millionaire over night.

If you are looking to buy NFTs here is the list of popular NFT marketplace to visit:



· etc.

Crypto Community Mods: This doesn’t involve investing money but investing time, you can get paid hourly in crypto groups as a moderator in the group to help curb fudders and restrict them from causing any panic for investors. To be a crypto mod you only need to have social media accounts, speak any language needed fluently and have a lot of time to be available in the group. These are the list of common social accounts needed:

· Discord

· Telegrams

· Reddit

· Twitter etc.

NOTE: Do not invest your life savings in cryptocurrencies and always do your own research before getting in on any crypto projects.



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