Balogun Malik Oluwaferanmi
2 min readJul 15, 2021


Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best way to make quick money in 21st century, it has proven worthy of the hype from the past years. Though a lot of projects have died off and that is where the name SHITCOIN comes in.

What are shitcoins?

In simple term shitcoins are cryptocurrency with no use case. Since shitcoins have no usability, it is risky to invest in shitcoins as people that invested in some in the past got rugpulled and even some shitcoins creator jilted their projects leaving there investors in great loss.

How to make money from shitcoins?

ü Do Your own Research(DYOR): Do a proper research of the shitcoin you want to invest in.

· Know the blockchain technology the shitcoin is/was built on, this will help you dictate the potential of the shitcoin.

· Check if the shitcoin has a website, you can get full information about the project as well as project road maps.

ü Follow The Hype: It might sound crazy but it’s a good technique to follow the hype to get in on a project, this might get you in on the project earlier which means you won’t miss the x100 or x1000 ride.

ü Be Greedy: Rack as much as possible if you get in early on any shitcoin project, do not panic sell because of rumor it’s a worst way of losing money.


· Do not invest in project with promises that are too good to be true.

· Once you make your capital, take profit and make sure to only invest with spare money.



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